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Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights
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Výrobce: Wordsworth Editions

EAN: 9781853260018

Výrobní číslo: 9781853260018

Wuthering Heights tells the story of a romance between two youngsters: Catherine Earnshaw and an orphan boy, Heathcliff. After she rejects him for a suitor from a better background, he develops a lust for revenge that takes over his life. Attempting to win her back, and then to destroy all whom he considers responsible for his loss, Heathcliff creates a living hell for those who inhabit his intimidating residence, Wuthering Heights. This tale of hauntings, passion and greed remains unsurpassed in its depiction of the dark side of love.


AutorEmily Bronte
Počet stran248
Rok vydání1997

Cena 119 Kč v 1 obchodě

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