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Shallow Graves

Shallow Graves
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Výrobce: Coronet

EAN: 9781444713213

Výrobní číslo: 9781444713213

Location scouting is to the film business what Switzerland is to war. John Pellam had been in the trenches of film making, with a promising Hollywood career - until a tragedy sidetracked him. Now he's a location scout, who travels the country in search of shooting sites for films. When he rides down Main Street, locals usually clamor for their chance at fifteen minutes of fame. But in a small town in upstate New York, Pellam experiences a very different reception - his illusionary world is shattered by a savage murder, and Pellam is suddenly center stage in an unfolding drama of violence, lust, and conspiracy, which have a stranglehold on this less-than-picture-perfect locale.


AutorJeffery Deaver
Jazykanglický; anglicky; Anglicky
NakladatelstvíCoronet; Coronet Books
Počet stran326
Rok vydání2011; 2001

Cena od 131 Kč - 143 Kč v 4 obchodech

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